3 Reasons To Consult A Pharmacist When You Are Not Feeling Well

There are times when you don’t feel well. It might be because of change in season or due to some virus. For minor health issues, we feel reluctant to visit a doctor as the procedure is very lengthy. Instead, you can consult a pharmacist. Here are the reasons why you should visit a pharmacist.

Get over-the-counter medicine

For symptoms like fever, flu, headache, stomachache, etc. you can get over-the-counter medicine from a pharmacist. He or she can suggest you the best medicine available to treat your condition. The pharmacist will know which medicines can have side effects and which are appropriate for certain age.

Get the correct dosage of medicine

You may have heard from others about the dosage of some common medicines, but those are not reliable sources. A pharmacist will be able to tell you the exact dosage of medicine you should take according to your age and weight.

Get health-related tips

A pharmacist can recommend you some healthy habits that you should adopt to avoid fever, flu and the common diseases. You can get suggestions on the type of food you should eat and what you should avoid eating. Whatever your condition, a pharmacist will be able to provide treatment help and advice.

A pharmacist is someone next to a doctor. He or she can help you get relief from the common diseases that people suffer from in almost every season. So, always consult a pharmacist before taking any medicine.

4 Tips For Getting Quick Relief From Fever

Fever is a very common illness. You can have a fever due to seasonal change, virus or even stress. Whatever the reason may be you will suffer from it if you don’t take care of yourself. Here are some tips that will give you quick relief from fever.

Drink lots of liquid

Your body needs more liquid when you are ill. You should keep your body hydrated all the time. Fluids also remove toxins from the body and speed up the healing process. Coconut water and herbal tea are highly recommended.

Eat healthy food

It is very natural to lose appetite when you have a fever. You may also vomit during this time, making it even more difficult for you to eat. You should still eat healthy food like fresh juice, carbohydrate, and protein so that you can gain energy and heal quickly.

Take rest

You should take plenty of rest and have a good night’s sleep. When you sleep soundly, your body produces new tissues which will make your body defensive. Your body will be able to fight the fever.

Take bath in lukewarm water

You can reduce your body temperature by taking a bath in lukewarm water. It will not only bring your temperature down but will also relax your muscle and the entire body.

You will get well soon if you follow these tips. Fever can make people very weak. So, you should take lots of food and fluids to keep yourself energized. You should consult a pharmacist and take some over-the-counter medicines if your temperature is high.

4 Healthy Ways You Can Lose Weight

Losing weight has become a mission for many people today. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle, more people are becoming obese. People are becoming more conscious about their weight now as they have learned about the harmful effects it can have on their body. But there are many people who rush into the weight loss program. They follow a crash diet plan and intensive exercise program to lose weight fast. However, these quick weight loss methods are not a healthy approach. You should consider the following suggestions to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Start slow

You shouldn’t get into intense exercise regime if you haven’t done any exercise for a long time. You must allow your body sufficient time to get adjusted to the new routine. Cardiovascular exercises like running, cycling, etc. are very effective for losing weight.

Avoid sugar

Sugar is the major culprit that increases your weight. You should avoid eating sugar as much as possible. If you really crave for it you can use sugar alternatives that have zero calories.

Drink fluid

You should drink lots of water throughout the day. It will keep you hydrated and you will feel full, so your food intake will be limited. Green tea is good for losing weight. You should avoid alcohol and sugary drinks like juices.

Eat lots of fibrous food

Your meal should include lots of fibrous vegetables and fruits. These will keep your stomach full without increasing calorie intake. So, you won’t gain weight.

These simple techniques will help you lose weight without having any side effect. You will be able to maintain the new routine easily and lead a healthy life.